Tis a gift to be simple...

Here's a rough sketch of an illustration I just finished for Time Out New York magazine. GaiaCornwall.com illustration for Time Out New York TONY

Other than that I've been working on knocking things off my monthly goal list, as well as some Christmas-y things.

My immediate family is considering "simplifying"  gifts this year.  We're  in the process of deciding what exactly that means-- no gifts? just stockings? a price limit?  donations in lieu of gifts?-- but I think we're moving in a nice direction.  We're all grownup pretty much-- my youngest brother is twenty-- and everyone seems to be interested in less stuff lately-- either in the interest of pairing down in general, or because of near-future moves.

I love to buy gifts, but I tend to be a little insane about it.  I get caught up in needing to find the perfect gift.  It starts out as fun, but it can turn stressful towards the end.  I think a simpler take on things, might open up the holiday for us.  Leave more room for enjoying each other and the season.

Which is what I'm looking forward to this weekend.  Getting a tree, decorating, some gift making, some baking... our apartment smelling  yummy...hot apple cider.