Oh hey, look it's a post not about my print for West Elm (that's available right here!! Gah!) haha. Anyways...  Who has seen the Divergent movie? We haven't yet-- and I'm blaming that on a certain drooling monster who seems to be demanding an awful lot of attention lately. (The cutest kind of monster, I assure you.) We were huge fans of the books and as each still came out from the movie, I found myself frowning-- She doesn't look like that! Where are all his tattoos? Why is he so pretty? Blah blah. Now I totally relate to the angst Hunger Games fans felt. Anyways, what did you all think? Still fun even though the protagonists are way too attractive? I'm guessing, probably.


I remember years ago taking one of my babysitting charges to the second Harry Potter movie. He was in fourth grade and spent the entire movie furiously whispering (and sometimes not whispering) to me about what was wrong with xyz. It was not fun. He was upset and crushed by the end of it. No amount of explaining how movies are different than books, and, they can't possibly include every scene from the book, made him feel better. I understood then, and of course I still do now. I can whisper furiously through a Lord of the Rings movie with the best of them.

I guess what I'm saying is, I really hope this is one of those times where it's just a fun viewing experience, as opposed to a three-hour-righteous-outrage fest.

P.S. Oh hey there's a Divergent summer camp. That's cool, I guess? Better than a Hunger Games one.