Ever have one of those days...? I had one today. NOTHING worked.  I didn't get much done.  Very, very frustrating.  Especially since I started the day all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I did not see a basically wasted day coming.   But this is making me happier!:

So cool, right?  Its from Anna the Red's Bento Factory blog.  She catalogues her amazing bento box creations on her blog.  There's even one of the Spirited Away characters.  So great.  I do a lot of cooking and tend to take special care in how everything looks and is plated ( ahem, picked that up from Top Chef.)  But obviously this is taking it to a whole other level.  Even past your typical, awesome bento box presentation.  I think I'd have a hard time eating these though.  It'd be kind of heart breaking, wouldn't it?  Or just super fun...Thanks Shelterrific for the tip. 

And... Another late birthday post.  Happy, happy birthday, Mr Henry Lincoln Jr.  

I miss you and your lady friend.