Exciting News + August Goals

At the Drive-In...

Ooh July was so much fun!  We actually took the time this year to do a bunch of summery things, which I'm really happy about.  BBQs, and the beach, outdoor concerts, and mini road trips, ice cream stands, pool jumping, sangria drinking, drive-in movies (Above: those are my feet propped up in the car. heh.)... It sounds silly, but its like we forget to do these things sometimes.   I don't know-- its not just about being busy.  Hmm, two introverts huddled around computers all day...I'm sorry to say, its more in our nature to turn the ac up and hunker down.  So I'm glad we got out.  I'm glad I have more freckles than I've had in years!

First a couple of fun announcements:

My little shop, Other Such Things is now open! Other Such Things shop

& I'm now offering custom portraits!  Please get in touch if you're interested!  Drawing people is my favorite thing ever, so I'm especially excited about this!  I'd also be thrilled to draw your furry friends as well...

    And onto the July Goals list.  I did pretty well-- especially considering all that "getting out".  hah.

    • I opened a Twitter account. I am actually loving Twitter.  Loving it.  Which is hilarious as I was so reluctant.
    • I have a new Facebook fan page!
    • I did some new pieces and came up with a bunch of ideas for more.
    • The website and blog were tidied up.  See?  Look over there.
    • I finished the Flourish e-course and highly recommend it!
    • My newsletter is all set to go! (You can sign up here if you’d like!) Its going out TOMORROW!!
    • AND my little shop, Other Such Things is now open!  Its not fully stocked-- I'll be adding to it over the next few days.  After that I expect the inventory additions will be slower.  But I've got so many ideas for new items!  I'm really excited about it.

    So I didn't do so badly.  I think my goals shifted a bit.  Hmm August is going to be busy!  Here are some things to get me started-- I'll know I'll be adding to it.

    1. Work on making portfolios to send around to select clients.
    2. Cold Call a couple of companies for contact info.
    3. Organize promotions effort.
    4. Get a postcard ready
    5. Send out some shop press releases to blogs.

    How is everyone else in the Meetup doing?