Homemade Goodies Round Up, Part I

Some homemade holiday gifities: While I'm still learning to actually read a pattern, I've been really enjoying crocheting.  Just simple things, but I think they came out pretty cute. I made a bunch of fingerless gloves-- Big ones, for the Mister's Dad:

And several little ones, for smaller hands:

Those striped ones are for a certain little guy, who just became shy about wearing his favorite color pink to school. (Which makes me sad, but that's a whole other story.)

And a wavy scarf for the mister's mother:

I wanted to make more of these felt letter ornaments, but I left if to the last minute and ended up only whipping up a few.

They were so easy, and I really liked how they came out.  I wish I had made more of them. Next year!

I did end up making those mini meringues, but I chickened out on the marshmallows.  

(But my mom and I must have been on the same wavelength, cause she made a few batches.  So I got to snack on hers!  Marshmallows melting in coffee= yum! Who knew? )  If you haven't ever made meringues, I recommend it-- they were so easy! 

Here are the goodies all packaged up-- meringues, cookies, coconut macaroons, and some Trader Joe's Hot Chocolate. 

I'm still gathering up the names of all the sellers I bought wonderful things from this season.  I'll post about them tomorrow!