houseraiser My dear friend Jessika, of Oh My! Handmade Goodness, has started an amazing new project called Houseraiser. It's an online campaign to raise money, originally for her mother:

Imagine nearly losing your life, the ability to work for awhile, and a place to live all in one month. How do you recover your health when you have nowhere to go, a tiny income, and no one is willing to help? That is happening right now for my mom Stephanie-an award winning journalist and educated advocate who will be homeless May 1st after almost dying from sepsis and pneumonia in January. When no one was willing or able to help us find her a house I got creative, started this site, and decided to become an advocate for home.

Houseraiser was started for Stephanie but this is bigger then her story. Millions of people with so much to offer are struggling to simply have a place to live. If we can raise a house for Stephanie what else can we do?

So how it works is you pledge money and receive an art print and the money raised will go towards a home, or house project, for someone in need. I'm very happy to be participating with my House print (above.)

You can watch a news clip of Jessika talking more about it here.

Homelessness is a huge problem in our country-- and Canada, where Jessika is-- so head on over to show your support and/or start your own campaign: