July Goals


Hello Meetup friends!  I'm back.

June was a busy month for me.  I got my PikaPackage goodies made and sent out,  and I started the Flourish business class.   I'm currently working on getting my online shop, Other Such Things, up and running.  It will be filled with prints of my work and crafty goodies (like that sneak peek above of a mobile!)  I'm pretty excited about it.  I'm planning on the opening coinciding with the release of the PikaPackages, which should be pretty soon.

Anyways, here are my goals for this month.  Yes, a lot of them are repeat-ers, so please bear with me fellow goal makers.

  1. Work on making portfolios to send around to select clients.
  2. Organize promotions effort.
  3. Work on a new piece for portfolio.
  4. Send out a newsletter. (You can sign up here if you’d like!)
  5. Tidy up my website headers and blog sections.  Too much clutter for me.
  6. Finish setting up my online shop. (Sign up for an email alert when it opens, here!)
  7. Work on the shop page of my portfolio site.
  8. Send out some shop press releases to blogs.