Letters and Gardens

  I got a letter from my grandmother today.  I love letters! I always forget how fun it is to get one in the mail, until I actually do. And its so nice.  She told me about working in her garden (apparently she uses a tabasco recipe to keep the deer away!) and the painting classes she's going to start.  She's a master gardener.  For real.  People used to tour her garden at her old house-- the rose garden, the sunken garden, the front yard.  It was huge and had all these different parts.  Now she lives in a retirement community, and does most of her gardening in her plot of a shared garden.  I told her how our new neighborhood has a community garden across the street from us, and she wrote back saying that community gardens are so fun because of all the people you meet and all the new things you learn.

Pretty soon, the cats and I will have to say goodbye to our little roof garden.  It turned out to be a nice little spot...Do you see that one red tomato in the photo below? I got to pick it yesterday!