New Cards!

I'm really happy with how these Balloon Cards came out.   The image is based on a photograph of my friend's daughter.  She and her pal were playing in the park under an umbrella.  But I decided balloons were more fun to draw.  Pop over to the Other Such Things store to check them out. 

Speaking of, Other Such Things has a new shop banner.  I had actually recently updated it, but after reading this article on Mint by Kim Ludy (from the vintage shop Trampoline) about product photos, I decided to rethink things a bit.  Kim made some really good points about a shop's visual continuity.   I really did like my then-new header, but it didn't make much sense in the theme of the shop really.  I think the new header ties in the products wood backgrounds.  

It's simple and clean, which I like as well.  I'm not totally in love with it, but its a step in the right direction.   I also took new wide shots of the cards.  I had this before:

I like elements of it-- the curtain pattern, that blue and green together-- but again, it doesn't really go with the whole look.  So now I have this:

It isn't a perfect solution.  I really wanted to show the cards in a frame. --They're postcards, but they look so great framed!-- But its getting closer.  If you've got a minute, head on over to Other Such Things and tell me what you think.