Parks & Recreation: RIP

We're going to watch the Parks and Recreation finale tonight. (Well, the 2nd finale, cause they pretty much ended it last season, am I right? That's another story.)

I have a hard time dealing with endings of series I'm fond of. I get attached and can't deal with it all going away. My solution in the past has been to put off watching the last episode, or reading the last chapter, as long as humanly possible.  Denial-Procrastinating. One epic incident involved Harry Potter and oh, 8 months, which drove my husband crazy. Needless to say, I'm not allowed anymore to hold the endings hostage of any form of entertainment we watch together.

So, it must be done. Two days after the fact we're gonna watch it right. Meaning, with waffles and whipped cream. And bacon.

Oh rest in peace, Parks & Rec. You will be missed.