Collages for Minted and Domino

"/ art prints - Bright Star I submitted the two collage pieces above for the latest Minted and Domino Magazine collaboration. I'd love your votes if you're so inclined. (You can click on the images to "rate" them.) Its been fun getting back into collage. --I used to do a lot of it. Since taking the Lilla Rogers class and then being selected for the Minted/West Elm challenge, I've been exploring the market of Wall Art. And for me that's meant mixed media pieces. (Right now I'm working on a series for the teen/preteen market.) I have a collection of vintage paper that I've been playing with, but for these two I decided to use catalogs. I love the idea of turning something that would get tossed, into a piece you'd hold on to.

Print for Minted!

minted Elk on the Ridge Elk On The Ridge is available for sale through!


It comes in all different sizes and with a variety of frames. And you can choose the standard art paper, or the super deluxe archival, museum quality rag paper --fancy! I love that its going to be hanging up in people's homes... You can get your's here.

Like I mentioned earlier, this print will also be available through West Elm! Woo hoo!

Print for West Elm!

minted west elm ElkI have some exciting news: my collaged pen and ink piece, Elk On The Ridge, was selected to be sold at West Elm through  West Elm is one of my favorite stores. --Ever since Vanessa Holden took over as Creative Director in 2011 they've been killing it. So I'm am thrilled to be selling a print with them! It should be available any day now-- I'll let you know when! [Edit: It's now available here.] The above piece is actually part of a series I've been doing for a while now of animal portraits over collaged pieces of vintage paper. I started doing them just for myself and they've been really fun to do:

In this series, I've combined my love of animals and vintage paper. The pieces of paper were carefully chosen mostly from discarded children's encyclopedias. Its been a joy matching that perfect bit of color and shape with the right animal.

Would people be interested in seeing more? I'm toying with the idea of selling the others as well...

PS. The Every Girl has a great interview with Vanessa here if you're interested.