Oh yeah: We have a baby now!

Remember that baby I was talking about a while ago? Well, he made it! (Two and half weeks late-- such a flair for the dramatics, that one.) On December 5th, at 9:16 pm, our little baby celebrated his first official birthday! He was 48 cm long and 7lbs 10 oz. Good job Mama and Papa and amazing doula! We four all worked hard to make it happen.

And now it is a month and a few odd days later. Since then we figured out his name is Rowan and he has started babbling and smiling on purpose. His eye color seems to change daily and is he blonde or a ginger? Time will tell...

Oh gosh, I love our little Ro so much.

We're Having A Baby!

Um... any day now! I kept meaning to officially announce it, or something, on the wee blog here, but clearly that never happened. (Though if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you might have seen the above photo from a couple weeks ago.) Anyways, now that I'm officially on self-imposed (forced) maternity leave, and past our due date (or "guess date" as they say in the wonderful Hypno Babies class we took,) I feel like I have time to post such things...

I've rounded up some fun things that will automatically post, so this space will stay active even while we're hibernating with our new little chicken.  I'll try to pop in with a baby update as soon as there is one:)

Wish us luck on our latest adventure!


Man, I've got babies on the brain.  What with my recently adopted cousin (who we cannot stop gushing about!), a pregnant friend, a baby I get to watch a few hours a week, and our friends in labor. right. now (!!!)...well, you understand. If you can relate, you'll enjoy the links below.  Just click on the pictures.

Rummey Bears

B + G: we love you guys and cannot wait to meet Sky!!!