Warm Colors and the Exorcist

     I've been thinking about the Exorcist a lot.  Mostly because our newest kitty  tends to act possessed in kind of a scary way.  I think she must be a big fan of that film, as she spends lots of her time perfecting satan-spawn growls.  Though, to her credit (and assumedly ours,) they are becoming less and less frequent.  

Anyhow, thinking about the Exorcist, led me to thinking about Fall colors.  (The first part of the film has the loveliest colors in it. )  I looked to see if I could find any stills from that part of the film--you know, sans drooling little girl.  But no one seems to be interested in that part, at least visually.  Which is too bad.  So I looked up some fall 70's photos on Flickr.  


I think they'll make really great color sources.  I get stuck with color a lot and I forget that using images like this is a good way to figure it out.