Walking around.

As you might have guessed from previous musings, we have been debating moving to a new neighborhood? apartment? house?  the country??  Things were getting a bit desperate because of a pretty awful neighbor situation.  But they are gone and our new building mates seem lovely.  So perhaps we'll stay put for a while...?  And maybe being happier in our space will let us enjoy our little neighborhood a bit more.   I know it has a lot to offer.  But sadly we weren't in any mood to give it a chance.

Well, the other day we took a walk to pick up some wine.  We wound through the park, and then through the little streets with cute houses.  We stopped for ice coffees and a cookie on the way back.  It made me love our neighborhood.

I guess I forget how important walking to me is.  It makes me feel connected to where I live.  Well, I don't forget really, its just that I don't walk all that much.  And I've been thinking about why not.

Providence is a different walking experience than we're used to.  It's not that things are far away.  They're pretty close by.  Perhaps a mile or two.  Which is nothing compared to daily walks we made in Brooklyn.  I've finally realized it's that there's nothing in between.  Which is really different.  In every Brooklyn neighborhood I've lived in you pass a zillion little places in between here and there.  Even if the "there" is just a few doors down.  Here you pass maybe one store if you go down the right street, but the rest is a bunch of houses, or maybe a gas station.  I have no idea why this matters.  Less options?  Less things to look at?  --So why bother walking?

Anyhow I suspect once we get a dog our relationship to our neighborhood will change drastically.  We will have a reason to walk down long streets that are leafy and pretty and not much else.  We will have a reason to walk over the ugly highway into downtown.   We will have to walk.  I'm looking forward to it.

Pup please find us soon.