Working Wednesday: Using Video To Highlight Your Business


Ok, I admit it.  I originally just wanted an excuse to show a video about making blueberry (muffin!!) ice cream. (Which we will do, pronto.)  But then I realized that this particular piece, by Claire Thomas from Kitchy Kitchen blog, is a perfect example of using video to beautifully highlight your work.

A lot of "promo" videos feel like they get an A+ for content, but they don't look so hot.  Sure, you get past it if it's clever, or has some kind of hook, but why not shoot for something of this quality? I assume she didn't have a huge crew or budget, and the concept is simple. But damn, if it doesn't look just fabulous.

I found Kitchy Kitchen through a friend, and after seeing this video, they now have a new reader. Quite effective marketing I would say.

What about you? Do you use videos on your website? What are some of your favorite videos? Any ideas for me?

Check out Kitchy TV for more inspiration.  The wheels are turning folks!