Halloween Costume Ideas

nancy Drew I'm sorry to say that for the last few years G and I have basically sat out Halloween. Costume-wise I mean. (Except for last year, when we quite literally sat it out.)  We've decided we're bringing Halloween fun back this year. And I'm going to be Nancy Drew. (What? Fun doesn't = Nancy Drew to you?)

Like a good little detective, I'm pawing through old covers to perfect my look. She looks pretty foxy above, but I was thinking more classic "Nancy". In my opinion that's closer to these:

Nancy Drew

Sweater + white shirt collar+ skirt + bobby socks and loafers. My hair is pretty long, so I think I'll curl it and wear it in a pony tail.

Or maybe down, like this?

Plus a magnifying glass. Think I need to hold a Nancy Drew book too? Now if only I had a Ned handy... or a Hardy Boy!

Did you have a favorite book from the series? I totally read them all one summer, but haven't picked one up in forever. Think it's time for a visit.

Ombre Hair

I rarely do this, but let's talk hair for a second, shall we?

I was debating getting highlights again, (I got them for the wedding,) and was sort of giving myself a hard time for letting the roots grow back so much. Taking care of your hair and overall "look" seems like the adult thing to do. But I'm lazy and it's expensive! And I haven't come to terms with paying that much attention to my hair on a regular basis.

Happily, the term "Ombre Hair" came to my rescue. I can just grow out my roots and let my hair get really dark in the winter, (it lightens up in the summer,) and I can say it's on purpose.

See all the cool kids are doing it:

I love it when I can combine cutting edge looks, with being lazy and cheap frugal.

Images from Pinterest

The IOU Project

Video Mondays [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yybe3hB3Ix4&feature=player_embedded]

Have you heard of the IOU Project? "...an easy-to-wear line of clothing based on the idea that each piece is handmade and completely unique. The uniqueness of each item allows us to provide traceability right down to the weaver that hand-wove the fabric."

IOU Project                                      IOU Project

I randomly came across them, and was so inspired by the idea, I bought a dress and scarf for our honeymoon coming up.   The only  bummer is that I forgot to check who made my items! Fingers crossed they add a note to my order.  I'll let you know when I get it!


Reason #2,061 I miss living in NY: Mociun

Caitlin, of the gorgeous clothing (and other goodies) line, Mociun, is having a party this Friday to celebrate her new line of clothing.  Darn you, Rhode Island.  (Well, no.  Darn you Vermont, 'cause that's actually where I'll be tonight.  But still.)  Anyways, here's a peek at her gorgeous new line...The prints are pretty amazing, no?  You can check out the original prints here.




Holy Sequins, Batman!

Arcade Fire

In honor of Arcade Fire winning a Grammy last weekend, let's do an homage to the sequin dress.  After we saw them at Madison Square Garden last sumer where Régine was rockin the awesome dress above, I became a sequin convert.  Unfortunately, these photos don't do the dress justice.  (Anyone out there have a good picture?)  So just for fun, here are some other ones.  Swoon away, ladies.


Ok,  Is this all too much?   Well, I think we could pull this off, at least:

Right?  I mean, that's pretty much my everyday-winter-look anyways.



Rain Rain, Go Away

Remember all my talk about "sunny afternoons" and how warm weather was "right around the corner"?  Ugh.  We are on our 2nd, (3rd?) very grey, very very rainy, day.  And its making me bonkers.  Thankfully, we are a part of the apparently, lucky few who aren't worrying about flooding.  Just bad moods.  ( I guess I should have spent Saturday outside, enjoying the sun, instead of cleaning my desk. Grr.) Anyways, if you're in the same boat (ha ha) as me, perhaps some virtual window shopping will cheer you up.  Or torment you.  Whatever.

If it were sunny, you could be wearing sandals!

tuto sandals

or, at least, lovely flats,


and this pretty blouse,

cocoricooo shop

with some leggings, and this in your hair,

giant dwarf headband

and this hanging from your neck,

Sol del Sur necklace

and these dangling from your ears,

anna sofia designs

with this coloring book under your arm...

small magazine coloring book


I guess I'll just hunker down, embrace the grey, and finish my taxes.   Here's hoping Thursday, with its promises of sun, comes fast.

PS.  Click on the photos to get yerself some goodies!

Oh Leia, My Halloween Girl Crush

Are you a costume person?  Do you have your Halloween outfit all picked out and ready to go?  Over the last few years I haven't done much dressing up.  But this year I feel inspired. I threw out a bunch of ideas because they were too expensive, or too cold, or too involved, but then hit upon one that involves all the magic elements: layers for warmth, boots, a belt, and braids:  Princess Leia, a la Return of the Jedi.  Think more tie dyed ponchos and less metallic bikinis:


My all time favorite outfit of hers is the white snowsuit, with the vest, the gloves and the crazy blue boots in the Empire Strikes Back.

I think she's in that jumpsuit (ahem, spacesuit?) almost the whole movie...

Anyhow doing some research for the fast approaching holiday I came across all these gorgeous Carrie Fisher as Leia photos.

This one is my favorite:

You're welcome.

All photos from The Padawan's Guide to Star Wars Costumes.

Spidery Tattoo Dress

Have you seen this dress by Alexander McQueen?

Photo from Style.com

Perhaps on Drew Barrymore?

Photo from JustJared blog.

I am in love with it.

Photo from FadedYouth blog.

It's amazing.

Photo from JustJared blog.

Oh spidery lace tattoo dress I wish you were mine...


I'm totally eyeing these sweaters from Anthropologie: Ski Lift Cardi in Beige:


And the Contoured Cardigan in Navy:

Emily, from  A Black Apple, has that one in a grey.  Its looks great on her, which makes it even more tempting.

They are both on sale.  And the Ski Lift one with a skirt would make a great Thanksgiving Day Dinner Outfit....

We'll see.

Anthropologie's shoes.  

Forget about it.  I'm not even aloud to look at them.  

Incidentally, didn't you love the photos in their latest catalogue?

Weren't they gorgeous?  They were shot in Iceland by my wonderful Julia!  Yay Julia... I can't wait to see you!!

Looking for Fall

Last night, while putting away my clothes in my new bureau, straight from my parent's attic, (thanks guys!) I noticed that I own five pairs of black tights. Five. This is funny for a few reasons--1. I own a million dresses and skirts just waiting to be paired with black tights, and almost every day find myself in a pair of jeans. 2. I've decided that this fall I will be rocking all those skirts, with said black tights, and boots. 3. Its ridiculous to have five pairs though, right? Anyhow, I just ordered this pencil skirt from Liinok. I know, you may think from the above statement that the last thing I need is another skirt.  But I'm really excited about it. She makes each one to order. Its denim, it has pleats and a wide waist band.

I can't wait for it to get here.  Its just thing to turn me into a skirt-wearing, Providence-living lady.

Like Buttah

One of the fun parts about my sister's wedding was that I got to get a new dress! After trying on many dresses we decided on the Signature Wrap Dress by Butter by Nadia. It. is. fabulous. Its pretty simple really: a blue green jersey circle skirt to the knees, with two long, wide pieces attached to the top. But the exciting part is that you can wrap those two pieces all different ways, and so potentially could wear a different dress every time!

I actually tried it on first with my mom at Calypso, but ended up buying it months later at Neda in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.  After trying one on in the store, they let me look through some swatches and pick out a different color.  The order came to the store a few days later.  Its not cheap, but the dress really looks amazing on.  Its one of those pieces that can look great on almost any body.

They come in jersey and satin material, and in a long and short length.  And in all different colors-- there're are even some striped ones now.  There are some ridiculously cute tutorial videos on the site to help you figure out how to wrap it.  Though once you get the hang of it, its pretty simple.  

I was a bit worried about being a bit too boob-alicious for the wedding.  Many of the styles have an open back which isn't so conducive to bra wearing.  Normally I wouldn't have worried much about that, but this was a daytime wedding afterall.  I ended up wrapping it the first way, slapped on a NuBra (it sticks to you, so no straps) (it was surprisingly comfortable, but that's a different post,) and was ready to go.  I had about 7 minutes to get ready and this dress didn't fail me.  It was a bit boob-alicious, but what can you do? I changed it up for the reception later on-- more of a halter top.

Apparently a Butter by Nadia store is coming soon to Brooklyn!  Yay!