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Just a few of my latest favorite pins! (Click on each to learn more.) Are you on Pinterest? Let me know, I'd love to follow you. If you enjoy these, you can follow me here! I pin a mix of recipes, fashion, illustration and patterns, and fun DIY projects for the home, or for kids.

Whispering Pines Writer's Retreat

whispering Pines Edit:  I thought I posted this a few months ago! Whoops! I'm posting now because I really did have such a fabulous time!

A couple weekends ago, I went to the NESCBWI Whispering Pines Writer's Retreat. (I actually got married at Whispering Pines, --remember?-- so it was funny/nostalgic/ironic to be there, not only without G, but also as my first time away overnight from my little kiddo. I survived!)

If you're into writing for kids, I highly recommend this workshop. Such a great group of really talented people, and put together with such care. I was kind of horrible about taking photos, so I won't do a whole recap. Don't worry, lots of other people did! However, I got the above shot of a doe and her fawn after they'd safely made it across the frozen lake... It was gorgeous there.

Huge thanks to Mary and Linda for organizing and being such fabulous hosts! I'm already looking forward to next year.

Books & Goodies: Pipsie, Nature Detective

Books and Goodies Pipsie Nature Detective The latest Books & Goodies is here! "Pipsie Nature Detective: The Disappearing Caterpillar" is the perfect read for spring! Written by Rick DeDonato and illustrated by my friend, the wonderful Tracy Bishop.

I've rounded up a bunch of fun crafts and goodies I think Pipsie would approve of!

(From left to right.)

BONUS: Pipsie and her turtle sidekick, Alfred, have a great site filled with fun activities and free printables! Check it out here.  So fun.

Get your copy of "Pipsie Nature Detective: The Disappearing Caterpillar" here!

And you can always check out more “Books & Goodies” posts here.

Art Licensing Show is Here!

welcomeBannerGC2 Exciting news: is all set to open its virtual doors today at 2pm EST 6pm GMT!

For those who don't know, is

a virtual portal where artwork can be reviewed privately by Art Directors who are looking to commercially license artwork. Authorized Art Directors may request to see art from a wide assortment of participating Artists and Licensors and highlight favorite art pieces, all with a single login.

All the product and images of a licensing show, but from the comfort of your desk! Fun, right? I'm so excited to be a part of it.


Check out the grand opening here! And if you're a member, or you've signed up as an Art Director, you can check out my work here. I'd love to connect with you!

Books & Goodies: Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons love tacos books and goodies Its time for Books & Goodies--my latest favorite picture book + a round up of coordinating goodies--ie activities, crafts and toys!

"Dragons Love Tacos" by Adam Rubin, and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri, is one of our 15 month old's nightly "must reads." Its the riveting true story of a boy named Rowan, and his dog, Luna, who fight valiantly against spicy salsa to save their Dragon Taco Party. Or at least that's how it goes at our house. But for real guys: Dragons! Tacos! Boys! Dogs! Hats! --A shovel! Our kid could not ask for anything more.

List of Goodies:

  • Dragon Pinata from here. Or DIY here.
  • Fire breathing Dragon toy here. Or really cute DIY instructions here.
  • Cookie Tacos?! (--actually part of a whole Dragons Love Tacos Cake!) from here.
  • What's a Taco Party without taco balloons? Here.
  • Handmade Wooden Dragon Teether here.
  • "Taco Puzzle" print here.
  • Not pictured, but Taco Party recipes here! You're welcome.

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Parks & Recreation: RIP

We're going to watch the Parks and Recreation finale tonight. (Well, the 2nd finale, cause they pretty much ended it last season, am I right? That's another story.)

I have a hard time dealing with endings of series I'm fond of. I get attached and can't deal with it all going away. My solution in the past has been to put off watching the last episode, or reading the last chapter, as long as humanly possible.  Denial-Procrastinating. One epic incident involved Harry Potter and oh, 8 months, which drove my husband crazy. Needless to say, I'm not allowed anymore to hold the endings hostage of any form of entertainment we watch together.

So, it must be done. Two days after the fact we're gonna watch it right. Meaning, with waffles and whipped cream. And bacon.

Oh rest in peace, Parks & Rec. You will be missed.


I'm working on a Luna post, but in the meantime I'm in need of a pick-me-up. Oh yes, this will do nicely:

Days of Luna

husky luna rescue Our dog is dying.

Two and a half weeks ago we found out Luna has advanced lymphoma, and it's come on fast and strong. Due to her age (we're pretty sure she's at least 10,) and various other factors, we're foregoing chemo and radiation, and instead treating her symptoms with prednisone.

Anyways, I've decided to start taking a photo a day to celebrate her last days with us: "____ Days of Luna." No promises, but hopefully they won't all be of her lazing around. Even though yes, that's pretty much her jam. You can follow along on Instagram here #DaysOfLuna.

Dark humor alert: My husband and I used to jokingly play "Dead dog?/Asleep dog?" when we'd come home to Luna, sprawled out in the sun, in a blissful--and yes, very still-- sleep. Good times. The lady can nap like no other.

Shockingly, when your dog has advanced cancer and still loves to lounge about, the game is really not so fun.

luna husky rescue

But its the first thought I have when I look outside and see a puddle of fur in the grass.

Photos taken during her first week with us in 2010.

Sale at Society6 Shop!

phone case, gaia cornwall, society6 wall clock, gaia cornwall, society6 I recently revamped my Society6 shop with new photographic patterns and perfect timing because they're having a sale right now! (Unfortunately, it excludes frame prints, rugs and canvases. Just FYI.)

art print gaia cornwall

This work is a whole new world for me-- one that's been really fun to explore. They're available as prints and cards, but also a variety of other products-- including shower curtains and duvet covers!

throw pillow society6

Free shipping and $5 off, until midnight Pacific Time November 9th, with this link right here.

throw pillow society6

tote bag gaia cornwall, society6


We are super tiny small.

Earth in Perspective Have you ever been to the planetarium at the Natural History Museum in New York? The museum is probably my favorite museum ever, and obviously the planetarium is cool (A. its a planetarium and B. this guy runs it,) but did you know the whole display design outside  of the planetarium, as you're walking up, isn't just pretty hanging sculptures of planets? Its really an exhibit that attempts to explain how large the universe is. (So next time you're there, resist the urge to run up the ramp and leave some time to go through the whole thing.) And it does a great job of it. But still, its just so hard to understand. To grasp. Don't you think?

I came across this series of illustrations (one above,) on some cheesy website that does a great job of it as well. So click away if you need some perspective. Or to just join me in nerding out about space stuff.

First Flight This short film, (which is actually an advertisement for a telecommunications company,) of two women flying for the first time is wonderful. Don't you want to be friends with them? Someone get them their own reality show asap!

Did you ever read the picture book "The Bedspread" by Sylvia Fair? It was one of my favorites growing up. Its about two elderly sisters who live in a huge house, in either end of a long bed, and decide to embroider their bedspread. Its magical. These women remind me of them.

 Click here to watch the whole video.

Cute explosion

zoey and jasper Have you guys seen the series Zoey and Jasper by photographer Grace Chon, of her son and their rescue dog?

Heart melting.

Our dog is pretty patient, but we would have to do a series of lounging photos as that's more her forte:

Anyways, click on the first two photos for more and prepare for cute explosions.



Collages for Minted and Domino

"/ art prints - Bright Star I submitted the two collage pieces above for the latest Minted and Domino Magazine collaboration. I'd love your votes if you're so inclined. (You can click on the images to "rate" them.) Its been fun getting back into collage. --I used to do a lot of it. Since taking the Lilla Rogers class and then being selected for the Minted/West Elm challenge, I've been exploring the market of Wall Art. And for me that's meant mixed media pieces. (Right now I'm working on a series for the teen/preteen market.) I have a collection of vintage paper that I've been playing with, but for these two I decided to use catalogs. I love the idea of turning something that would get tossed, into a piece you'd hold on to.