Days of Luna

husky luna rescue Our dog is dying.

Two and a half weeks ago we found out Luna has advanced lymphoma, and it's come on fast and strong. Due to her age (we're pretty sure she's at least 10,) and various other factors, we're foregoing chemo and radiation, and instead treating her symptoms with prednisone.

Anyways, I've decided to start taking a photo a day to celebrate her last days with us: "____ Days of Luna." No promises, but hopefully they won't all be of her lazing around. Even though yes, that's pretty much her jam. You can follow along on Instagram here #DaysOfLuna.

Dark humor alert: My husband and I used to jokingly play "Dead dog?/Asleep dog?" when we'd come home to Luna, sprawled out in the sun, in a blissful--and yes, very still-- sleep. Good times. The lady can nap like no other.

Shockingly, when your dog has advanced cancer and still loves to lounge about, the game is really not so fun.

luna husky rescue

But its the first thought I have when I look outside and see a puddle of fur in the grass.

Photos taken during her first week with us in 2010.