May Goals Wrap Up

Oh dear.  Goals for Modish Biz Tips did not go so well this month.  Here's what I had:

1.  Add images of what I have in my etsy shop to my Goodies page on my site.  The images will link to Etsy.  Geez.  I should just do this today.     (Edit: Done!)

2.  Research specifics for new kid product.   I did a bit of research.  But not nearly enough. 

3.  Contact Thumbtack Press and possibly others to see if they’re interested in carrying any of my work as prints.   I did a bit of research into it, but then really just dropped the ball. 

4.  Make bear drawing into a poster. I looked into this and really hated all the affordable poster places.  I really like the image, but I don't think I'm ready for posters yet.  Though I am going to talk to some friends who are printers and see if they have any ideas.

5.  Get Garden promo postcard printed.  I decided against the Garden image for my next promo.  I realized when mailing out my last promo that it was really oriented towards children's markets exclusively.  Which is great, but this month I want to have two postcards-- one geared for children and another for the trendier fashion/ teens/ beauty market.  The new image for the Children's Market one is above.  I'm still working on the other one.

6.  List Hello postcard in the shop.

7.  List two new items on Etsy.  (from April Goal List.)

8.  Email contact list announcing new site and new work, asking if they’d like to be on my mailing list.  (from April Goal List.)

Ah well.  Next up: June Goals!