Where were we?

The garden is 85% there!  We still have a number of seeds to put in.  But under the supervision of our elderly neighbor, (who offered a sledgehammer at one point,) the beds are made!  The lawn is mowed!  The back yard looks tidy, if not very pretty. 

After realizing that 1,000 pounds of soil was not going to be nearly enough for both beds, we decided to have one totally lead free and the other a mix of the old soil, with a bit of the new.  Its not ideal, but as our lead levels weren't completely through the roof, we can technically plant "fruiting plants" with no worries.  So the squash, tomatoes, etc will be in that one.  But anything leafy, or root-like will be in the lead-free box.

Yes, now we actually have to plant the darn seeds.